C'est dans la difficulté

par henricote  -  14 Mars 2020, 08:05

C’est dans la difficulté 

Que le niveau de conscience est ausculté 
La superficialité voire l’imbécilité occultée 
En dépit des émotions c’est l’intelligence qui doit être consultée

© H C 

 RITES | To be able to understand Hankson’s work it’s always good to read the caption, in the title there are many clues. It’s almost a little bit of an artistic research to decode the meaning. His work carries multiple narratives mainly from West African tribes. This painting ‘RITES BAOULÉ’ narrates ‘rites practices’ by the BAOULÉ people, who are a large ethnic group that migrated from Ghana, they include various ethnicities, and their history include sacrificial legends which their name come from. Baoulé means ‘the child is dead’. 


• Swipe all the way to the left and see ‘masque baoulé’ from Côte d’Ivoire which we posses as part of our mask collection. Many more narratives to uncover in Hankson’s multi layered paintings. Exhibition runs until end of April. 

• "Rites Baoulé" 2019, acrylic and Chinese ink on canvas 110x110cm. 

Merci Galerie Le Sud

Toile d’Hako Hankson

C'est dans la difficulté
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